Sample Request



It is important to make sure a certain label size, color, shape or material will fit your requirements. That is why we want our customers to test out thermal adhesive label products before making a purchase. We will send out a free small roll for testing. Please read this article for information if are your trying to decide between thermal transfer and direct thermal label printing

Please email your request for a sample or download the form bellow and email it to: and include the following information:

1) Your name, address, company name and a contact number

2) The quantity of labels you will be ordering and how often

3) Are you currently using labels now?

4) How soon will you be purchasing?

5) Our product number, material type and label size

6) What will you be labeling, the product and surface?

Download (right click and save then open) the Thermal Label Sample Request Form Please fax it to 1-914 930 1348 or email it to:

We send out samples within 24 hours after receiving a request by UPS ground. Thank you so much, we look forward to hearing from you. Team