Barcoding and labelings is everywhere. Every time one buy something, barcodes and labels are triggered. The fact is enterprise would not exist as efficiently as it is without using barcodes to scan and track items and retain information about that item without it being labeled.

Our blog at Labelsontime will enhance your knowledge about barcoding, thermal printer labels and thermal transfer and direct thermal printing. Finding and using the best barcode labeling solutions for your chain supply needs. Tutorials, howto, information on apps and software and lots more to make sure you keep track of everything to help your business grow.


Labeling: Its is critical for your business, for identifying products at all stages of business. For products, inventory, distribution and more. We know how important it is and how labeling can make your business more productive and efficient. Our blog will bring you the best advise, tutorials and information to ensure success.

Barcoding: A barcode is a must if you want to keep complete control of your business. Inventory, distribution, assets, identification and more. Since, it so important, we will make sure we keep you updated on everything new regarding barcodes.

3PL: A growing industry which would not exist without the use of labeling and barcoding. Our blog will bring you all the latest trends, information on software and tools to use, industry news and a lot more.


Manager Director of Russell Ossendryver, one of our in house label specialists has been involved in the label business since 1987. First working for an export trading company representing an adhesive pressure sensitive coater Fitchburg Coated Products which later got taken over by Mactac, as well as Flexel Cellophane and Mobil film products  into the Asian markets. In the mid 90s, Russell became a pioneer in Ecommerce online launching Worldlabel, one of the first online stores selling blank labels for printing.



Alex Choong, our President resides in Singapore. Mr. Choong has been in the label converting business and development of Pressure sensitive materials for over three decades. Starting as a machine operator, then to sales, Mr. Choong ended up owning a label converting business manufacturing all the labels for UPS and Fedex in South East Asia. The operations expanded to China. In the early 90s, Mr Choong started intensive R&D with RFID technologies and was the first to invent a way of batch conversion of RFID tags into thermal labels which was patented. He hopes to share lots of experience and stories here about converting thermal labels, printing barcodes on thermal labels, and applying them in all situations.


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