4.10" x 508.5' Thermal Wax Resin Ribbon

4.10" x 508.5' Thermal Wax Resin Ribbon
Product LOT-TR504
Bulk Discount Per Case
1–96 $8.86
(97+) $7.40
Thermal wax resin ribbon 4.10" x 508.5' - 104mm x 155m
$8.86 per roll


We only stock high quality resin enhanced wax ribbons for increased durability over regular wax ribbons.

Our resin-enhanced wax ribbon has multiple uses that yields excellent results on a many different types media. An economical solution for most general use barcode applications, resin-enhanced wax ribbons use an antistatic coating and high sensitivity inks, operate at low print energy, prolonging printhead life and produce high quality, sharp, crisp bar codes and variable images.



Low printhead energy

Abrasion resistance

Print flexibility

High density print

Antistatic printheadsaver coating for printhead protection

Recommended substrates:

Papers: Coated

Film: Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC.

Ribbon properties:

Carrier: 4.5µm Polyester film

Thickness: <8.0µm

Color: Black

Ink melting point: 70ºC

Optical density (transmission): > 1.30

Optical density (reflective): > 1.90

This product is halogen free.